Finally! An open format for publishing your road event data

The open data movement has demonstrated its value to society on many occasions, particularly with recent efforts to improve information about transit systems. Following the example of other formats like GTFS, Open511 proposes a specification for road incident, construction and much more that matches open data criteria. With Open511, public bodies and citizens can get the most out of your jurisdiction’s data by turning your road events into powerful and innovative software and analysis.


By increasing access to your road event data, you're demonstrating a commitment to robust and transparent information. You will help organizations within your jurisdiction work together and, with the help of fellow adopters, gain access to data that will strengthen your own offerings.


When you open your jurisdiction's road event data, you're opening the door to a world of new products and services, creating job opportunities and economic growth along the way.


With wide adoption of Open511, the headaches of sharing construction schedules, festival dates and daily road closures will slip away. Your communication teams will have easy to use cost-effective tools to share road events making their lives easier, and your organization look better.


The Open511 specification is available here. The documentation tracks the status of the specification and provides other resources like existing implementations. You can also submit issues on GitHub.